Design Mentor

Mentoring people who are establishing or increasing their design powers has been an incredible boost to my own skills as a designer.

Organizational UX Design

When systems and and product needs are complex, I rely on my toolkit of user-centered, empathy-powered approaches.

Visual Design for Music

From mix-tapes to parties and concerts, my first impulse to design commercially came from the needs of music projects I've worked on.

Qaid Jacobs sitting in chair

About Me

My name is Qa’id (pronounced: k-eye-eed). I'm a designer and thinker cut from a different cloth. I've done creative and strategic work in 5 different industries over the past 15 years. I've got strong opinions that are [usually] loosely held. I believe that Time is short and Life is grand. My blog is on Medium at the moment. My playlist game is strong on Spotify and my visual story telling in effect on Instagram.

Connect with me and let's do something meaningful.

My full CV and Resume are online at