My Designs

FND SND design

Visual & Print

My very first and always favorite form factor is the poster and album artwork. Creative constraints FTW.

Black August illustration

Illustration & Typography

Sometimes the keyboard just won't cut it for the task at hand and I pick up the pen and pencil.

An interface design

UX & Interfaces

Building a variety of interfaces for websites and apps, I've made lots and lots of boxes. Lots.

My Stories

Redesigning a flagship product

At NIPO Software I led the company through the discovery of product strengths and implemented a visual language and framework that maximized speed and efficiency. I rejuvenated and modernize a dashboard interface that serves as the gateway to major international data collection projects. In order to prioritize the right ideas, I organized Design Sprints, prototyped ideas, iterated on them, and shipped.

Reducing noise; increasing conversions

At I designed work flows and UI to speed users through the funnel and encourage confidence in their decision making. With so many options and bits of information being presented on every page, as a web designer embedded with the Search Results team, my goal was always to minimize the noise and elevate the hierarchy. I studied user research and common patterns to design effective visual artifacts.

Increasing collaboration and innovation

I lead Design Sprints, started the company Hackathon, organized the adoption of Slack, and launched the company blog. To leverage the creative drives and social connections between my colleagues at NIPO Software, I started the company hackathon. To encourage a more active culture of communication, I organized the adoption of Slack across development, product management, marketing, sales, and support departments.

Telling stories; inspiring action

I designed physical and digital media which told compelling stories to inspire action. The work of supporting efforts to preserve human rights is infused with tight deadlines and limited resources. To help make the difference with the Center for Constitutional Rights, I coded and launched websites and email campaigns, designed publications and posters, produced and edited video, and implemented technological infrastructure to manage the organization’s creative assets.