A solution designer from Brooklyn, living in Amsterdam.



What began as a love for hip hop's graffiti and street art cum pen and ink, has blossomed into a mature passion for - and practice of - the creation of meaningful visuals and experiences across mediums and messages.

HTML, CSS, & Javascript

I'm an autodidact and taught myself the code that powers the web. I've honed my skills on various projects and in a range of environments from small organizations to massive shops where I was one of hundreds committing to Git repos.


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About Me

A serious, serious designer at work

Qa’id Jacobs

Product Designer

Sketching, prototyping, coding, organizing

DJ Humble / DJ Anidote on the decks

Qa’id Jacobs

DJ & Music Snob

Music is my life blood. Check out mixes and playlists I put out there.

Shouldering major responsibilities

Qa’id Jacobs

Partner & Father

Still relatively new at this ...

About Me

Like any being that thrives in the urban environment, I’m finding ways to take both the good and bad that is around me and use it all as raw material to survive, to be inspired, and to create. House music, rare grooves, and obscure B-sides are the soundtrack. A father, partner, DJ, and accomplished professional, communicating with the soul is – after all – the thing that I live and love to do.

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