Qa'id Jacobs - Product & System Designer

Visual & Print Designs


As a DJ and lover of cutting rugs, I’ve been putting on parties and moving the crowd for a more than a decade. The FND SND (think Found Sound) event was based in Brooklyn and required all kinds of promotional materials, including a website, flyers, posters, and music mixes. The design I devised embraced the vowel-less trend of the moment, with a dash of grit and texture. I used a pure vector design approach for the vinyl’s lighting and material effect. Texture, typography, and atmosphere are important parts of my visual design work.

Jazz Then Back Again

Jazz, then back again. Jazz then, back again. Jazz then back. Again. This mix is full of mellow funk. The cover art for this mix was inspired by the art work for the Brass Company album “Colors.” I used a fixed color pallet and limited shapes to convey the vibe of the mix. This was the first of a series of jazz mix cover designs, so I hid the number “1” in the design. Do you see it? The ability to work layers of meaning into a visual design is one of the intriguing and interesting aspects of design.