Qa'id Jacobs - Product & System Designer

Illustration & Typography

Black August Lettering

My most meaningful design challenges have come from the non-profit world where resources are modest and messaging is paramount. First hand drawn and then vectorized, I produced this custom lettering for an annual grassroots celebration of the liberation of oppressed people. Hip Hop culture was the prevailing influence since this identity and the supporting materials I created (website, flyers, and posters) were used to promote an urban concert and other events.

Various Identity Systmes

A lot of my client work as a visual designer is in Identity Systems. I have a talent for translating business and organizational needs into an accessible - but unique - look and feel. From hand drawn work to carefully selected typefaces, I strive for lightness and balance. To arrive at these solutions I research and interview, sketch and iterate, getting to know the needs and tastes of clients as well as those of the patrons they aim to serve.