Redesigning a flagship product

At NIPO Software I led the company through the discovery of product strengths and implemented a visual language and framework that maximized speed and efficiency. I rejuvenated and modernize a dashboard interface that serves as the gateway to major international data collection projects. In order to prioritize the right ideas, I organized Design Sprints, prototyped ideas, iterated on them, and shipped.

To refine and prioritize years of product innovation ideas from all corners of the company, I lead design sprints and discovery sessions. These resulted in a collection of prioritized product ideas, that I then turned into low fidelity but clickable prototypes. I shared my prototypes with the entire company, hoping to get as much feedback as possible. I delivered iterated prototypes to the development teams and helped to tweak the outcome through conversation and experimentation during the build process.

My visual direction for the product was a synthesis of the best bits of popular dashboards; embracing Google’s material design approach, the interface is spartan and utilitarian, without clutter ushering users through their tasks.

A living style guide

To efficiently maintain a singular and unified source of styling and interaction patterns, I coded a living style guide based on the open source Fabricator project. I’ve written a bit about the challenges of implementing a living style guide as well as an uncommon git strategy I leveraged for having a distributed style library in multiple products across the company portfolio.