Reducing noise; increasing conversions

At I designed work flows and UI to speed users through the funnel and encourage confidence in their decision making. With so many options and bits of information being presented on every page, as a web designer embedded with the Search Results team, my goal was always to minimize the noise and elevate the hierarchy. I studied user research and common patterns to design effective visual artifacts.

Working with copywriters, back-end developers, and other designers, I used iterative design approaches, A/B testing, and multivariate testing to increase conversions on the site. is a large organization with hundreds of developers constantly committing code and deploying; there I gained a great appreciation for being a part of a large whole. The fast paced environment helped me to improve my skills in fast decision making and avoiding work that produced low value.

I eagerly participated in design reviews and took the opportunity to present case histories and lessons learned to all the designers in the company. I found ways to channel that feedback and inspiration into my product designs.