Increasing collaboration and innovation

I lead Design Sprints, started the company Hackathon, organized the adoption of Slack, and launched the company blog. To leverage the creative drives and social connections between my colleagues at NIPO Software, I started the company hackathon. To encourage a more active culture of communication, I organized the adoption of Slack across development, product management, marketing, sales, and support departments.

When I first started working at NIPO Software, I tried to get up to speed with all of the design and innovation thinking that took place before I came onboard. I asked about the notes and results of the most recent hackathon, knowing that some of the most interesting product ideas will come from hackathons. I discovered that there had never been a hackathon. I set out to introduce and organized the company’s periodic hackathon event.

I wrote a one-pager for management that extolled the financial and cultural benefits of a hackathon and mapped out how the processes leading up to and including the event would work with me as the leader. In 2 years we had three hackathons that were successes in both innovation and fun departments.

Continuing my efforts to reduce the friction of sharing information within the company, I implemented and shepherded the adoption of a Slack team. To encourage better communication and rethinking of our conclusions, I made a space for all of our writing by coding and launching the internal blog. Whenever I join an organization, I try to elevate the practice of writing; I wrote about it on Medium recently.

Illustration of high five is by Justin Alexander