Telling stories; inspiring action

I designed physical and digital media which told compelling stories to inspire action. The work of supporting efforts to preserve human rights is infused with tight deadlines and limited resources. To help make the difference with the Center for Constitutional Rights, I coded and launched websites and email campaigns, designed publications and posters, produced and edited video, and implemented technological infrastructure to manage the organization’s creative assets.

The Center for Constitutional Rights executes many campaigns with various goals at any one time. As the only staff member there responsible for all web and multimedia content, I regularly met with stakeholders to identify and strategize around opportunities to get our messages into the public. Using the open source Wordpress framework I designed, published and maintained multiple microsites addressing specific campaign goals. Using the Salsa DemocracyInAction advocacy and marketing platform, I designed HTML email campaigns and managed subscribers towards civic participation and fundraising goals.

We frequently leveraged video to tell stories in compelling ways. I shot, edited, and designed the sequences for all of the video produced during my time there. By producing so much digital content, I helped the organization keep its issues viable in the age of social media. By implementing the open source ResourceSpace media management platform I allowed all of the organization’s digital content to be discoverable and sharable.