Leveling Up Other Designers through Mentorship

I began mentoring on the DesignLab platform in 2014 and as of the winter of 2019, I am quickly approaching the 100-student-mark! I became involved with DesignLab to solidify my understanding and practice of solid design fundamentals AND to be a contributor to the success of other people. There have been plenty of pleasant surprises along the way including expanding the number of cool and interesting people I know around the world, as well as having my perspective continually expanded as I hear the stories and experiences of so many different people. Here are a few of the testimonials my students have left for me on the DesignLab website:

"Qa'id was excellent. He provided me with great guidance and additional resources, and was thoughtful in the feedback sessions."
(Corey, Design 101)
"Very thoughtful with the information he provided me. Answered all of my questions with great detail and was flexible when I needed to change my mentoring session."
(Keshia-Lee, Design 101)
"Qa'id was the best. Creative, straightforward while also being supportive. He gave me a lot of great ideas and inspiration through his eloquence and commentary. I really liked working with him for a short time, and feel he went above & beyond to give me some crazy good tools to work with. He challenged me, and I appreciate that."
(Kimberly, Design 101 v1)
"Qaid is a great mentor! His advices were invaluable and improved my work immensely. I'm 100% percent sure the outcome of this course wouldn't have been as satisfying. However, in first three weeks I wish his feedback on my works came sooner so I'd have had more time to improve my work. Anyway I'm very happy with the outcome I have from this course, it definitely exceeded my expectations."
(Anastasia, UX: Interaction Design)
"I really liked Qa'id as my mentor, he always had constructive ideas and he encouraged me to do my best and more. Throughout the exercises he made me rethink and question the way I approached the research methods and its results, I really appreciate that, as it lead me to the reevaluation of the process and I often ended up with a better result. So far, I have learned a lot about the implementation of the research methods and I think the journey wouldn't have been the same without my mentor. Thanks."
(Lilu, UX Research & Strategy)